Secret for Arthritis? Dr. Naram’s Ancient Healing Secret Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Do you know anyone suffering from arthritis or joint pain?

What if there were natural ancient remedies which could bring a whole new life to that person you love?

You can watch Muneera’s remarkable healing story here:

Dr. Pankaj Naram’s recent tour of Europe was sold-out, and his upcoming tour of USA is already FULL to capacity — except for the one location of Minneapolis, Minnesota (which was recently added and within a few days has already almost filled up too).

With his schedule so busy, many have asked how can we get more of his time to learn more deeply the ancient secrets?

Just a few weeks ago in Berlin, Dr. Naram was teaching the third section of a 2-year certification course on Ancient Healing Methods to brilliant doctors and health practitioners from around the world. They travel to Berlin twice a year to discover how to integrate the principles of this ancient healing lineage into their own practices.

And some amazing things happened… here is one case study demonstrating how Ancient Healing can change anyone’s life in very deep and profound ways.

Amazing Healing Case Study:
During one of the training days, a beautiful woman had flown from Saudi Arabia to Berlin just to tell her remarkable story to the doctors and she had brought with her all her blood reports.

One year ago her Rheumatoid Arthritis was so severe that she could not walk, go to the toilet by herself, she could not even feed herself. Her father had hired a full-time nurse to take care of her. This was so troubling, as she was so young, and not only the arthritis was challenging, but the side effect of the heavy medications created a hormonal imbalance that meant she gained unnecessary weight and also was told by the doctors she may never have children.

One day in the midst of this terrible situation she desperately prayed to God (Allah) – and only three days later was told by a friend about Dr. Naram, and that he had ancient healing methods which might help her. Seeing it as a possible sign, she called Dr. Naram and began with some of the herbs he recommended. About a month later she took out another blood report, and it was the first time that her reports showed a decline in the RA factor! It was only slight, but it was encouraging, so she began seriously a full treatment (diet, panchakarma, herbs, marmaa, everything).

Only 2 weeks before the Berlin university course, after months of discipline with diet and herbs, she sent a message to Dr. Naram with her new blood report that showed her RA factor was completely in the normal range! He invited her to share her story in Berlin, and she stood before the doctors, with tears in her eyes, describing what it was like to have her entire life given back to her. Most of the doctors had tears in their eyes too.

Dr. Naram shared with all of the doctors that such results are possible whenever you are able to discover the blocks and imbalances in a person, and then help re-align them with their natural state. And that your natural state is health and vitality.

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