Ayurvedic Moong Dhal Dhokla with Coconut Chutney

Dhokla is something like a kind of steemed cake made out of dhal.
Normally it is made out of channa dal and yoghurt, and it is fermented for some hours.
My creation is made out of moong, without yoghurt and non-fermented. It doesn´t get as fluffy as the original, but they turned out quite well – also according to the feedback I got.
Just try and judge for yourself.
It is a savory side dish.



Tasty Tofu/Vegetable/Fruit Medley

A tasty Tofu/vegetable/Fruit mix medley cooked in olive oil and ghee

Gluten free pasta with home-made pesto

Gluten-free (Quinoa) pasta with almond-based pesto served with cucumber and carrot salad

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Mungdal and beetroot spread

I was looking for a recipe where I can use the rest of my home made Almond milk. I add the leavings that I had in my cheesecloth from my almond milk (from about 1,5 liter) with the recipe below and I received a delicious spread.

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