Dr. Pankaj Naram Secret for Multiple Sclerosis Part 4 – Manfred’s Story

According to Manfred’s eye doctor, the results on the eye tests they took cannot improve for MS patients. However, the doctor had to admit that Manfred’s results had improved tremendously. The doctor even thought something was wrong with the testing equipment. Over 50% of MS patients get depressed because of the perceived inability to do anything about the disease, but Manfred has a message of hope for MS patients: you can do something about it. There’s a chance it can be cured, if you follow the kind of protocol Dr. Naram provides his patients.

After Manfred finished telling his story, Dr. Naram provides an herbal formula to take at home every morning for inflammation, and lists many other formulas that can help fight inflammation, even in MS patients.




Manfred: [00:00:00] According to his understanding or experience it’s not possible to become better. I mean I really appreciate this doctor a lot because he did such a beautiful diagnosis only by looking at it a very good person to talk to. But according to his experience as can never become better. And if you’ve looked at the papers he couldn’t accept accept that it was better now. And I said but it’s on the paper it was wrapped in it’s screen though. And then he just murmured something and say yeah maybe because of the measurement lines and they made me to repeat this test. And this is not a lousy equipment. This was I don’t know if I’m definitely 5 digit euro number for such an equipment. It’s a German brand laser technology. So I cannot believe that this is working in such a bad way. So I got this improvement. And doctors are not ready to accept. I got this tingling sensation totally removed. Also some other tingling sensation if I bent forward. Awesome. Totally gone. Not no more there are some few things are still remaining. And I made a table. I just wanted to know how how are my symptoms. And it’s not I don’t want to lie at myself I don’t want to bring up better numbers. I’m not selling a product. And you shouldn’t buy it because the good numbers are good. I just want to know for myself. Am I on the right track. Is it going well or how bad is it. And I just evaluated each of my symptoms.

Manfred: [00:01:23] How was it before and how is it now. And the total amount of it was 42. In the beginning and now it is 19. It’s amazing. It means more than 50 percent improvement according to what I personally perceive. It’s subjective. But I mean this I have also checked my eye movement. They’re also getting better. Yeah you can see that I have videos from before and from today how it has changed. I give this only 30 percent improvement. But you can clearly see the eye is much better than before. I could give a 50 60 percent but I don’t want to lie. I just want to see it want to see how it is improving.

Manfred: [00:01:59] So I have to say multiple sclerosis according to what science tells us what doctors are telling us can be a devastating disease. It can have such an impact on your body. And actually 50 percent of M.S patients during the course of disease suffer from a depression. Can you believe this 50 percent get a depression during the course of the time. Because they can observe how it’s getting better or worse. And what will be the result in the future. And they hope that after five years it would not be so bad. And though it is so bad and because all these thoughts are there you naturally get depressed. And I’m very fortunate that my wife has supported me in such a beautiful way that I know and Dr. Naram he has has prescribed to me this panchakarma and all the herbs he knows very well what he’s doing. His whole team has been supporting me and that I got this positive thoughts from my spiritual master because of all of this. I’m in a very good state today. I would actually say the amazing thing is if you take any medicine at all this has side effects. People say these horrible treatments and this panchakarma has no side effects. That’s not true. I have side effects but I have very positive side effects. My house my general health condition has become much better. So I have a very good news. If you have M.S. It doesn’t have to be a disaster. You can do something about it. There is a chance that it can be cured.

Manfred: [00:03:29] Even if books are saying it can never be cured. I have experience it is got so much better. Unfortunately you have to do something about it. It’s not for free. You have to put some effort into it. You have to take the herbs you have to follow the strict diet. And then I cannot say that everybody will get the same result but at least my example showing it is possible and you can live a happy and healthy life and be even happier and healthier than before. Thank you for giving me the chance to share that with you. Thank you. Doctor Naram I’m very grateful how you have help me that your type of healing secrets are there which are not available in the normal allopathic medicine. You have really given me a new life.

Manfred: [00:04:15] And I’m very grateful for that and I hope that my experience which I’m sharing here I can can can contribute something so that others can also benefit from this wonderful past and this wonderful healing.

Dr. Naram: [00:04:29] Believe it or not. If you are suffering from M.S. or in the beginner stage medium stage or extreme say stage on a stage which is not reversible according to world scenario like Manny by Manfred.

Dr. Naram: [00:04:48] Then the marma which i showed you can change your life. Then there are so many other marmas if you’ll got back pains, stiffness, tightness, difficult to move. Or you are walking on. You are walking on stick or you are on wheelchair then you take your left hand and after four fingers This is the marma one two three four five six. And also one simple home remedy can really make a big difference. Ginger juice one teaspoon, turmeric juice one teaspoon cardamom powder one each teaspoon ajwain powder a half teaspoon methi fenugreek about half teaspoon and cows ghee one teaspoon. Mix everything together and take it first thing in the morning. And also smooth joined formula, immuno 2000 formula, healthy brain formula herbal anti-oxidant formula, kampavat formula and if there is a lot of inflammation in the brain and then you can then the reports are showing some lessons which was happening to Manfred, life yoga formula, Anti block formula and believe it or not this can at least make you stabilized. Or it can help you to re-worse if you are greater mind like Manfred. If you want to build your hope if you want to inspire yourself to create more a hope more faith more trust. You can even contact Manny right. Or Surugiu directly and they can really help you to change your life and save your life. Believe it or not there are some simple home remedies herbal remedies diet, lifestyle. Anyone who hopefully 100 years full of vibrant health unlimited energy and peace of mind.

Dr. Naram: [00:07:10] This technology the ancient technology which is coming from more than 2500 years to make your joints stronger, make your circulation better and make you happy can change your life and save your life.

[00:07:29] Namaskar. And good in arbor.

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