Dr. Pankaj Naram Secret for Multiple Sclerosis Part 3 – Manfred’s Story

Manfred adopted a spiritual perspective on his new diagnosis, and held faith that Dr. Naram could help with ayurveda. Fortunately, he never began to worry. Dr. Naram put Manfred on a vegan, gluten-free diet. The program also included herbal supplements and exercise, as well as panchakarma. Manfred has been enjoying amazing result–which his doctors are not ready to believe yet. The tingling symptoms have disappeared. His balance has massively improved, and he is able to do one-leg standing exercises on yoga, which he could not do earlier. He also received results on eye tests which were so positive, the doctor was shocked.




Manfred: [00:00:00] And I have to say that another thing was that I have a spiritual master from India and I have learned something from him. And this also helped me quite a lot because you know alternative medicine can help you but may not give you a hundred percent trust. You’ll see that there’s a chance it might help. But if this lady from France was cured or got such an improvement maybe in my case it will not work. Such thoughts are still there right. But because I have learned something from my spiritual master who had teach me that Will had taught me that whatever happens in your life is only because of the wish of God. And what got vicious may look bad from your perspective. But it’s always somehow beneficial.You all this wants to do something which is good for you in the long run. So this kind of face was also there and because of this because of what Surugiu told me because of the possible things from Ayurveda and alternative medicines and because of this phase I was actually never worried. And I have read books about M.S. from one professor also who got M.S himself and he described exactly how the process was and his mother had him as and because of him as she committed suicide in the end because her state became worse and worse and worse. And when he got diagnosed that he also has a M.S. He was desperate because he said no i have also to suffer from the same disease. He wrote this in his book.

Manfred: [00:01:29] But I can say in my case I was never worried because I said My life is in God’s hands. And Dr. Naram will help me and Surugiu will help me and whatever if it is not successful then it was God’s wish. So but still I mean God’s vision there. God will help us. That is one thing but we have to take care also. So Surugiu gave me a program which I have to follow. And this is mainly based on diet. This is very important. I’m strictly following a vegan gluten free diet. And before I was already a vegetarian so the step from vegetarian to vegan was not so big but still not not being a vegan means not eating any milk or cheese products and I really am very particular about my food. I hardly eat any sugar. I try to avoid this. I very rarely drink coffee. So I’m really taking much care of my healthy food and I take supplements. These ayurvedic crops that I got from India and quite a lot of them. And I have a lot of trust that this is very helpful for me and I do exercises more than before. I still have to increase that it’s not what I want to do but I’m doing it. And I went three times for a panchakarma treatment to India in Dr. Naram’s clinic. And we’re spend there three to four weeks. I’ve just come back for two weeks ago also two or three weeks ago I came back from Mumbai. And the beautiful thing is following all these things having distrust in my cart and doing this I do.

Manfred: [00:03:05] You can see six six different things like diet, food supplements as herbs panchakarma then exercises. I also take regular sunbaths because it’s good for the vitamin D. Vitamin D is also according to science a positive impact on not having multiple sclerosis. And Positive thinking about the whole thing. You can say that I don’t I don’t worry. Because of all these things I got beautiful results. It’s really amazing. This is something which you don’t find in the books. Yeah. And my doctors are not ready to believe it. I will explain this because it’s really amazing. So there are some sensations which i have in my body. All the symptoms are minor. It’s not really shocking. But the problem is only if this continues in the future then it will be very bad. So some of these sensations for example if I were bow my head down yeah like this strongly bowing the head down. Previously I got a sensation like tingling in my legs. That’s not a big problem but it’s one symptom of M.S. And this has completely gone. It’s no more there I can do whatever I want there’s no tingling. Yeah. So one thing one symptom completely removed another symptom just know when I came back from the panchakarma I have a problem in balancing on standing on one leg. And. I practice Little with yoga. So in yoga Sometimes you have to stand on your leg. And previously when I was younger it was no problem. But previously so where While this all this was going on.

Manfred: [00:04:34] I could stand on one leg but I could just put my hands in front of my chest and I had to look on the ground and I was still shaking. It was difficult for me. And when I came back from this panchakarma I wanted to check. Is there any change. I stood on one leg. I took my hands here. I thought wow it’s going very well.

Manfred: [00:04:52] I raised my hands up which was never possible before. Happened. Some a difference doing this and I was looking up and looking at the ceiling. Wild Wings. Even more difficult. And I realize I can do this. I can stand very safety on one leg. It’s a wow. This is a real big improvement so far.

[00:05:11] Yeah i can stand like this. but I was I have difficulty in balancing. So it was difficult for me I need a room has good lights. Yes so I can move very will i see where I am. And then I was able to do it when I came back from India I was trying it like this.

[00:05:29] It’s not easy for me but I could raise my hands of the air and even look up.If you see that before balancing was difficult and has become much better only.

Manfred: [00:05:42] But I’m not really sure if you would be able to do that if I do this. Look up and close my eyes. Then I would lose balance. But I think this is difficult for a normal person also. And. Doctors I’m afraid to believe in this improvement because to their experience it’s always getting worse. If it’s very good. It doesn’t continue. This is already a big improvement but it cannot get better. So I went to the same professor again to get my eyes checked and they do some tests with the laser. I don’t know which of these they found in this test that my right eye the optic nerve is impact at it means I cannot see as well on the right eye as on the left eye. I don’t feel that I’ve looked around it’s normal. But on this test you can clearly see that I went to go to just to check and I want to see is it progressing. Has it halted or is it getting better. So the test was done and then the assistant handed the papers over to me and I was waiting for the professor to meet me. I was sitting on the corridor and looking at the results and there were a lot of diagrams and colors and everything. I didn’t understand anything. But then I tried to figure out I’m an engineer. So I love this diagrams and mother numbers and so and then I realized oh this one she does for the left eye. And they have the old diagnosis and the new diagnosis. The other sheet was on the right eye.

Manfred: [00:07:05] And then the left eye you could see there was a circle with only green color. And after one year it was only green color and it say that eyes OK. And on the right eye. There was also the circle and there was green and red and yellow together before and afterwards it was also green and red and yellow. But one spot one major spot of this one segment you can see had been red before and had converted into green and I thought wow this is amazing. Now you can see even this laser how this has improved over only one year. And I saw also the numbers I really have no idea what the numbers mean but the old number was I think 25 and the new number was 52. So it was double the value and also in the curves you could see a real change. I was sitting. Wow. So really going forward is great. So I meant to meet the Professor. He called me. He looked at the report of course he can see was one glance what’s going on. He looked at the report and smiled and say wow you are a very good result and then I was talking to him about different things and so he was checking my eyes again and then I ask him Professor Rita according to your understanding or according to your judgment what would you say. How much has it improved. And then he was saying no I didn’t become happy that because it has improved. I was just happy because it didn’t get worse.

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