Dr Pankaj Naram says “Thank You!” — The Miracle You Helped to Create in the Lives of These Kids

When the earthquakes in Nepal devastated so much of the country, Dr Pankaj Naram was there. He experienced the terror that so many people felt, as they saw their homes and their lives crumble around them. One of the orphan homes being served by The Dr Pankaj Naram Seva Foundation for many years had crumbled to the earth. Dr Pankaj Naram put out a call for your help, and you did! Here are two short videos to give you an idea of how your support has helped to create a miracle in the lives of these kids, and how little it takes to make a big difference still, in helping them buy shoes, and get some solar panels to keep their power on. First – Dr Pankaj Naram saying “THANK YOU!”

Second – What we can do next…


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