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Dr. Pankaj Naram Announces Side Effects of Milk and Dairy Products

One of the first and the most important dietary advice that we learn from Dr. Naram is to avoid as much as possible milk and dairy products. As a master healer of an unbroken 2,500+ year old unbroken lineage from the Himalayas, with great expertise in helping millions of people around the world, Dr. Naram is very interested in what works to help people live healthily and prevent common diseases. He is primarily concerned about the side effects particular food can cause, and he firmly believes that the secrets to healing often lie in the diet. During his research of food and its impact on our body, he emphasized harmful effects milk and other dairy products can have.

According to the most recent studies, dairy has been linked to a myriad of conditions including eczema, asthma and weight gain. Dr. Naram is mainly concerned with each food’s impact on dosha imbalances and the creation of aam (or toxins). He points out that milk and other dairy products are often responsible for creating mucus and consequently cause different digestion problems such as bloating, indigestion, nausea, etc. Modern researchers have found about 10% of adult people are lactose intolerant, but many have difficulty digesting casein from cow’s milk. When casein is not digested well, it gets into your bloodstream and causes the immune system reaction that leads to inflammation.

There are numerous hormones in an ordinary glass of milk, and lately, other chemicals were also found in a typical glass of milk. Pasteurization eliminates many beneficial components milk contains. On the other hand, homogenization creates fats that are in most cases completely foreign to human digestive systems. To digest Lactose, sugar typically found in milk, our body has to produce the enzyme, Lactase. But humans naturally lose all traces of Lactase at the age of two when they should be stopping breast feeding. This is the reason why so many people are still labeled as having Lactose intolerance and milk allergies, but in fact, we all are intolerant as adults.

Dr. Naram encourages people to avoid dairy products because they could also cause skin allergies and rashes. Although this information is quite familiar for many people, some still have a difficult time accepting it. But to be healthy is your birthright, according to Dr. Naram.

Calcium content is something that convinces many parents to encourage their family members to consume milk. However, there are plenty of ways to provide your body with the necessary calcium without having to depend on milk. For instance, you can try eating figs, sesame seeds, almonds or soy beans and other milk substitutes that are available in abundance in almost all supermarkets. They are equally delicious and nutritious without side effects of milk, rich in calcium and vitamin ‘D.’

Dr. Naram especially believes that what individuals consume has a great impact on their health. Through his ancient healing science of Siddha-Veda, he is trying to influence people to change their lifestyle and avoid all potentially dangerous side effects of certain food types. Harmful sides of dairy products, indicates that they are not natural for our body and we should not limit and avoid them, substituting with things like nut milk instead.  The one exception is pure cow’s ghee which Dr. Naram says is very good for most people to take a limited quantity on a regular basis, because of how it helps balance some of the most common imbalances in people’s bodies. To learn more about Dr Naram’s recent research on this and other topics; please visit http://totesnewsworthy.com/dr-pankaj-naram


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