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Dr. Naram Introduces Siddha-Veda Ancient Teachings About Food Consumption-PART 1

To live and be healthy is the greatest accomplishment in life. Master healer Dr. Pankaj Naram has always emphasized how important lifestyle choices are when it comes to our overall health. He is always interested in helping individuals while making their lifestyle choices for their physical and mental health. Without a healthy body and peace of mind, all other aspects of our life will be negatively influenced. Dr. Naram’s intention for sharing with you the gift of Siddha-Veda lifestyle is only to encourage and empower you and not to limit you.

According to the philosophy and ancient teaching of Siddha-Veda, there are six primary instruments necessary to achieve vibrant health. These are diet, lifestyle, herbal supplements, marma, ashtakarma and home remedies. They act like pillars to create and maintain balance and harmony in your life, and their primary purpose is to support the well-being of your physical, mental and emotional body. Dr. Naram teaches you the ancient art and science of Siddha-Veda and offers you simple and precise guidelines.

In the ancient teaching of Siddha-Veda, the main point was complete and proper digestion of food and the prevention of Aam accumulation that we call toxins today. The amount of vitamins and minerals present in the food was not as important as it is today. There have been plenty of occasions when someone is in a complete panic because they were deficient in certain vitamins such as ‘D’ or ‘B’ or some other material. However, Dr. Naram claims that a correct and complete digestive process is what guarantees the balance in the body doshas or constitution.
According to Ancient Siddha-Veda Principles, every food has its characteristics and attributes. Milk and dairy products can create an imbalance of Kapha dosha. In other words, their attributes are cold, heavy and mucus producing. An imbalance of Pitta dosha may be created by fermented and sour foods which have the acid characteristic. Dry and raw food should also be limited or avoided because of its inflammatory attributes that can create an imbalance of Vata dosha. To sum up, the purpose of eating and food attributes is to help to balance Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and not to add to the toxins accumulated in the body in the form of undigested food. Vitamin and mineral content can only be beneficial if the food is fully digested, metabolized and the elimination process is regular and successful.

As a Master Healer, Dr. Naram hopes that more people will recognize Siddha-Veda as their path to the healthier lifestyle. This lifestyle and diet recommendations, in addition to herbal remedies and home remedies, have been helping people for thousands of years. By sharing his knowledge, he wants to encourage individuals to moderate their habits and avoid adverse side effects. Understand the risks of bad habits is the best way to make healthy choices and live longer and happier life. Following and understanding Siddha-Veda Principles empowers you and makes you understand how your body reacts to certain food, lack of sleep, social life, environment, work schedule and so on. For more information about Dr. Naram and Siddha-Veda Ancient Teachings, please visit: http://drpankajnaram.net/

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