Delicious Little SuperFoods

Pulses (Beans) to enjoy:
The King of all beans and the food of the sages has always been Mung (Moong) beans. You can enjoy Mung in the whole green form or split, yellow Mung. Mung in all forms is easy to digest, full of nutrients and, in itself, a wonderful nourishing meal. Tur Dahl, Lentils, and other beans could be enjoyed also. Sprouted Mung can also be used, but needs to be fully cooked.

Pulses to consume in moderation:
The heavier, starchier beans, like Chana Dahl (Chickpeas), Black-Eyed peas, Kidney beans, Soy beans (Edamame) etc, can be taken occasionally and preferably be soaked overnight and cooked thoroughly.

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