Basmati Rice with Bean and Lentil Sprouts

A simple dish of Indian long grain basmati rice with a twist of bean and lentil sprouts. Sprouted beans and lentils have a good protein content and may be more nutritious than mature beans and lentils because the nutrient content of seeds are believed to increase as they sprout. Hence the incorporation of bean and lentil sprouts into one’s diet can boost vitamin and mineral intake.

Sweet Potato with Baby Spinach Cream

A South African Indian inspired main course featuring sweet potatoes and leafy green baby spinach in a creamy sauce with a subtle hint of spice and flavor. Both sweet potatoes and leafy green vegetables are recommended in the diet of women who suffer from polycistic ovarian syndrome or other female reproductive problems hence this delicious recipe was inspired just for them.

Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Chocolate Mousse (Vegan)

This delicious dessert was inspired as a tasty, decadent yet healthy treat which includes superfoods such as cacao powder and avocados that are rich in antioxidants and also strawberries which are rich in vitamin C. So besides being a quick, simple and naturally yummy dessert, it is also nutritional. Enjoy the process of preparing this dairy free strawberry chocolate mousse and creatively design it to your own personal taste.

Tasty Tofu/Vegetable/Fruit Medley

A tasty Tofu/vegetable/Fruit mix medley cooked in olive oil and ghee

Delicious vegan pancakes

Do you want to enjoy a healthy and delicious dessert or main dish with your children. Try this recipe and please share your experience. As a mom of three young children I have faced a lot of challenges to prepare tasty and healthy recipes.

Gluten free pasta with home-made pesto

Gluten-free (Quinoa) pasta with almond-based pesto served with cucumber and carrot salad

Horse gram (Kollu/Kulthi) Soup [aka Ulavacharu]

Horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum). This low-profile, humble legume took its English name from its use as a staple food for horses and cattle. However, if you find the name discouraging, you can call it Kollu as it is in Tamil, Ulavalu in Telugu and Kulthi in Hindi.

Horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) is a pulse crop widely cultivated and consumed in India since ancient times, and native to the south-east Asian subcontinent and tropical Africa.

Horse gram is the most protein-rich lentil found on the planet. It is very high-powered. That’s why race horses are fed with this gram, which is called horse gram in the market.

Horse gram: A superfood in its own right

Horse gram may not be inviting by the sound of it but its qualities are undeniably wonderful. It is:

-high in iron, calcium, and protein. In fact, horse gram has the highest calcium content among pulses and is one of the richest vegetarian sources of protein
-low in fat and high in carbohydrate content
-low in lipid and sodium content, and its slow digestible starch make ideal for diabetic and obesity patients

Raw horse gram is particularly rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and proteins, the major anti-oxidants. In other words, it can keep your body young and vibrant! What’s more, scientists from the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology have found that unprocessed, raw horse gram seeds have the ability to reduce high blood sugar following a meal, by slowing down carbohydrate digestion and reducing insulin resistance. This makes it an extra diabetic-friendly food!

The health benefits of horse gram seem to be innumerable. Just name a health issue and “kollu-power” will work for it! Traditional medicinal texts describe its use for asthma, bronchitis, leucoderma, urinary discharge, kidney stones and heart disease. Ayurvedic cuisine also recommends horse gram for persons suffering from jaundice or water retention. Rheumatism, worms, conjunctivitis and piles are also said to quail before the power of horse gram.

Horse gram has astringent and diuretic properties. It is also beneficial for extracting phlegm, and controlling fever and cholesterol levels. According to some studies, the lipid extracts of horse gram are beneficial for treating peptic ulcers, and it is said these magic legumes can reduce flatulence and control various menstrual problems.


HorseGram [Sprouted] – Cooling Properties

Many European stomachs may not be able to digest horse gram so it is good to sprout it, which makes it more easily digestible. Put the horse gram in a white cloth, soak the cloth in water for about six to eight hours, and then keep it closed. In about three days, the seeds will sprout. If the sprout is about half an inch out of the seed, you can eat it raw. It takes a lot of chewing and eating, and it is very good for the system.

Horse gram tends to increase heat in the body. If you feel too much heat, you must balance it by eating sprouted green gram, which cools the system.



The delicious and healthy meal for super busy people

Exotic Carrot Soup with coconut and lime

Very easy and extremely delicious soup with the certain something;)

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