Dr. Pankaj Naram Secret for Multiple Sclerosis Part 2 – Manfred’s Story

Manfred took many months to realize that he had a neurological disorder. He had fallen and hit his head and started bleeding multiple times. He thought perhaps he had a problem with his glasses. But over time, he saw that his eyes were not moving synchronously, and it dawned on him that something much more serious was wrong. The doctor then told him that he had the most serious form of multiple sclerosis, which has a very bad prognosis: worsening symptoms day by day. Manfred had four serious falls again in 2014.  Fortunately, Manfred’s wife Suyogi was working with Dr. Naram, and told Manfred about Dr. Naram’s success with pulse reading.




Manfred: [00:00:00] And I went back home and my wife and everybody was saw me and said I must be crazy doing this and they’re still planning to go to my seminar.

Manfred: [00:00:12] So and then I felt felt very bad Actually I felt very miserable.

Manfred: [00:00:19] I had so much pain and the pain was not the physical pain. It was not that I have hurt myself or that’s blood coming here. This is minor but the real pain which I suffered from was that I got this sort of missing control over my body. I’m not able, like a normal person to walk. And one week I fell twice and I thought this is something strange going on. I felt this is how why can I not just walk to the bus stop without falling down. And I went again to the same doctor where taken care of my arm the day before and he was of shocked to see me again with this blood again. And he was taking care of me checking my arm again. Everything was OK. But then he also said if somebody falls twice in one week there may be also a neurological tests a problem. And I saw a neurological problem what are you talking about. I just have not seen the steps and I have not seen in the darkness that there was some roots. So I was not ready to admit that maybe some bigger problem. So this was the almost healing. Eyes were all to good this also went away and this was in in 2013. That is three and half years from ago sign off. Yesterday. In October 2013. Then in that same year I went to my eye doctor just for a regular checkup. I don’t wear glasses regularly but I have glasses for driving cars. So I just want to check if the glasses need to be changed.

Manfred: [00:01:48] And that was one problem which a friend of mine had observed before. Once I was sitting at the table we were just talking. And then she said. “Manny” they call me Manny my friends. Now my original originally was Manfred but she call me “Manny, what’s going on with your eyes. It’s moving in such a funny way” is it what funny way is my eyes are normal.She said “No But your left eyes is going slower than you’re right eye” . I said I don’t know anything about this. And then later I took a camera you guys in the mirror I could see how your eyes are moving. You have to look straight into the mirror.

Manfred: [00:02:23] So I took the camera and I just looked like this. And check that on the camera. I had to admit that my eyes were not moving synchronously. So I thought it must be something with my eye muscle because I must have it it’s not strong enough then the eye is not moving fast enough.

[00:02:39] So I went for that to check up for my glasses. And in the end I just to be. And also because this doctor had told me that there may be a neurological problems. And just to be open with the doctor I told her this is there I was MY EYES ARE MOVING not synchronously and she became a lot like anything she got ears like this when she heard this problem I thought oh. And she checked that up make me look from left to right and took a pen and look here look there and everything. But she didn’t come to a proper of conclusion she only said you must go to the clinic. There’s a specialist in Berlin and Hildegarde come across I think it’s called and you must meet Professor Rita we get a check. OK. Actually I didn’t it was not so much interested in this because my is OK. It’s not a real big problem if your eyes are not moving synchronously doesn’t impact me very much. So then the year past and next year in February I was conducting another seminar and I wasn’t off them and in the lunch break my phone was ringing and I picked my phone out.

Manfred: [00:03:47] Because during the seminar you could not make phone calls. But in the break I could. So I saw it’s a number from Berlin but a number which I don’t know. So I picked up the phone and said hello. And she said Hello this is Dr. I forgot a name that eye doctor. Have you already made the appointment this Doctor Reid Professor Rita. I said Oh no I have not. But I was just thinking about it. Actually I was not really thinking. But then she said OK are you free next Friday. I said yes. And she said OK I make the appointment for you. And I was really shocked that my doctor took so much interest in this case and that she called me. It was not her duty to call me and made this appointment for me and I had the feeling this is something more serious going on here. So I went to the clinic to met this professor.

Manfred: [00:04:37] They did many checkup me that put some laser tests and do this and this and in the end I sent was a professor and he told me he is actually very good and diagnosis just from this simple checkups that she did miss me he could say this is not your eye muscle. It’s something which an inflammation process in your nerves in your nervous system and for his understanding that had a particular meaning I just saw that some kind of infection or inflammation of the nerves. But I don’t know what that means. But from his idea he knew already this is multiple sclerosis which I didn’t know at that time. And he also told me. I will send you a report and if you’ve got the report don’t look it up in Internet because if you see it in the internet then you may see some very bad things and then you will be confused and you will be worried very much. And it’s better not to look at into that.

Manfred: [00:05:32] So after one week I received his report I opened it and the first thing to do it was a very funny diagnosis. I tried to remember the name of this. It was called Internuclear opthalmoplegia. It’s a word which I’ve never heard before. So I checked it in the Internet and I saw Surugiu was me it was me. She’s my wife she’s also working as a doctor as Doctor Naram and she is cooperating with him. She checked it for me and it came out with a high probability. This diagnosis means it’s my double sclerosis. This was the first time I got there somehow that it’s a Sylvia problem. I didn’t even know what is my deepest sclerosis so I’ll check that and the Internet. What does that mean. And it came out that multiple sclerosis is an. Inflammation process of the central nervous system of the brain and of the spine or the nerves in the spine. And it has some very bad prognosis. You don’t know how it will go on. But there is some probability that they will end up in a wheelchair or that it might be a patient who cannot walk around anymore. We will just have to lay on your bed because it’s very natural if the brain gets affected. I mean any it can affect any place in the brain and the brain is controlling our whole body. So if this place is affected which is controlling the movement of your legs you cannot walk. It can impact your speech you cannot speak you cannot see your eyes are not moving synchronously.

Manfred: [00:07:00] You may not be able to hold things in your hand. You may be lame your urination is not working properly because you cannot hold the muscles. Anything can be affected by this disease. And the other thing is which I also found out that. I had. There are four types of multiple sclerosis. I had the worst of them which is the one which is constantly increasing the symptoms are just simply its just increasing day by day by day by day or month by month. And there is no stop other forms of multiples for those a score rather. Up and down you get a prolapse and then it gets better again and after half a year or two you get the next prolapse or attack and then all this you collect some remaining symptoms from that. But my case was the worst. And in that same year in 2014 I fell twice again once I fell in such a way that I banged my head with the backside in a wall because I hadn’t seen where I’m walking or what was in this room. And the third time a fourth time I was on vacation and I wanted to enter the room from the balcony. And there was a glass door in the glass that was closed and I thought it’s open and I just bang against the glass door.

Manfred: [00:08:16] And fell to the ground again. Normally if such things happen it can happen. But if this happens four times in a year I think about this how long will I live. Maybe for 30 more years if in 30 years I’m falling four times in a year. This is 128 times in my life. It’s really a very big thing and each time you’re falling you don’t know what’s going to happen. A car might may roll over you or whatever. I was lucky that nothing bad had happened to me when when I was falling four times. So seeing this and getting the diagnosis in my brain was also scanned with an MRI. Where you could see the spots in the brain where the effect was I had to admit that I really have a serious problem. It was not just as mine what saying was i know of them. And but the problem was this may continue in the future. And then in the future I don’t know where I will end. So I had to admit that I have a big problem and this is not a normal case but I have to take care of it somehow.

Manfred: [00:09:21] And fortunately and this is no the good part about this. My wife is working together with Dr. Naram and when the diagnosis came that it was multiple sclerosis. She immediately told me Don’t worry we can do something about it. The books I’m not speaking about this that you can do something about it. For my case this so-called primary progredient MS how where this constant increase is there for this. They don’t even have Drugs. But she told me Don’t worry we will do something about this. So it’s not in the books she said when I learned pulse reading from Dr. Naram 15 years ago there was a patient from France and she had multiple sclerosis and she came in a wheelchair when she was and she did a panchakarma treatment and she left Mumbai walking. And that’s really amazing. Normally it goes from walking to the wheelchair but it never goes from the wheelchair to walking. So I had so much hope that if this was possible with her and I don’t have much symptoms now it might come in the future.

Manfred: [00:10:26] But if it was so successful with her I might also be very safe in the future.

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