Dr. Pankaj Naram Secret for Multiple Sclerosis Part 1 – Manfred’s Story

Dr. Naram’s patient Manfred was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and told that he’d have to live in a wheelchair within five years. When he first came to Dr. Naram, he was having trouble walking. He was under much stress in his work, as he was a freelance professional trainer, and the stress was making him sick. He had even fallen recently and broken his arms. Then, he met Dr. Naram, who recommended an ayurvedic program of dietary changes, herbs, and stress reduction. For the first time, Manfred started to feel hope.




Dr. Pankaj Naram: [00:00:03] Namaskar, I’m Dr. Pankaj Naram and here is Surugiu.

Suyogi: [00:00:04] Namaskar.

Dr. Pankaj Naram: [00:00:06] Namaskar. Good and Morgan good in Auburn. Now today believe it or not. On the last day in Germany. We are in Berlin the capital of. Germany. And we have some amazing research happening in a person whose name is Manny and whose German name is.

Suyogi: [00:00:35] Manfred.

Dr. Pankaj Naram: [00:00:36] Manfred. Manfred was diagnose as a MS patient. And all the great doctors. Everybody said Manfred, Manny you have very less life. And in couple of years. Within three four five six years you have to go on a wheelchair. Now listening to this. According to Manny was like a death sentence that how will I live on this planet, on wheelchair or with a stick. Manny is a very enthusiastic person. A real spiritual person. And I would call him he’s a hope builder. He builds hope in people. Basically he’s a engineer. But I call him hope engineer. He engineers in a structural way that how anybody can create hope in his life. Believe it or not once you hear the story about how he’s reversing his MS condition a person difficult to walk difficult to do everything. Many things including eye challenge and many many challenges and with the help of Surugiu with the help of this ancient healing technology. And with the grace of his master. What a transformation has happened. If you listen to the story I tell you he’s good to build in you such hope. That you will become unstoppable.

Dr. Pankaj Naram: [00:02:21] You will start feeling in your life. That many things are possible. Isn’t it hubris.

Suyogi: [00:02:27] You know I was observing. Of course he’s my husband but I am in contact with Dr. Pankaj Naram since so many years and I am and I know about the dangers of a hectic stressful life. So his profession is he is a trainer he’s traveling around the world. He is mainly from Monday to Friday he’s not at home. And sometimes you don’t get the right food. Sometimes you have wrong lifestyle. Lifestyle choices. So I observed him and he saw that he has to take every kind of opportunity to to work because he’s self-employed as a freelancer you you have somehow a deep rushing sides you need to earn the money you need to take care of yourself. And I was giving him many times of warning and I said according IVETA or according the ancient secrets now this is not good what you’re doing you’re putting too much tension on your life. And then he said yes later I will take care of myself. Not now but later. And make sure that everything is OK. But then I could observe that his fatter and his fatter it became higher and tired,and I got very much concerned about it. And then I observed him and I saw some certain symptoms in him. And I remember many years ago the Dr. Pankaj Naram saw his palates and he gave him also a little warning and he said you have to take care. And he did not take so much care. And then he got this diagnose.

Suyogi: [00:04:11] And what impressed me so much was that he is really an inspiration for every patient not only with MS but with everyone on this earth who gets a really tough health challenge. Because first of all these doctors the orthopedic doctors they gave him this diagnosis and it was progredient MS. Which means they have no treatment whatsoever. And it was a young doctor who gave him this diagnosis. She was maybe around 35 or 40 years old and she had tears in her eyes. And when you see a doctor being so discourage because she has nothing to offer you then usually a patient breaks down completely he’s completely hopeless. And in that moment because Dr. Naram called him a hope builder he even gave hope to this doctor.And He said Don’t worry I’m in the best hands. I have Dr. Naram and I have my wife. And they know what I have to do. And I told him you should first make a decision what he really wants in his life and he will think he was thinking and I said no really think deeply. Are you wanting this paths which is right now in your body or do you want to go on a different path and then make a decision better. Because I don’t want to take care of him and it like a baby. I want to have a healthy and happy husband and not a destroyed husband. And then he made this decision. He went into a deep introspection and he thought what do I want to do in my life. And he took the responsibility and he decided I will do anything and everything what is necessary to take responsibility for my vitality and my health. And this is what he did. And that’s why he is here today as a hope builder. And it has changed his life. He looks so much younger and he even feels that his stress is not his his much more balanced and the stress doesn’t affect him so much like it used to. And he applies all the instruments of Dr. Pankaj Naram and he’s the most sincere man in that and that’s why he could reverse his auto immune disease MS.

Dr. Pankaj Naram: [00:06:42] Believe it or not. When he first came to me and he was diagnosed the way Surugiu says, progressive MS. I took his right hand. And after seven fingers This is the marma one two three four five six. First I asked him what do you want. He says I want to walk I want to run. I want to help. I want to build hope in everybody. I want to create such engineering hope situation that anybody can have hope and believe me Dr. Naram if I feel hopeless, how will i build hope in other people. And I said fantastic. You are correct. And he wanted to become a trainer. He was a trainer but he wanted to become a trainer of training your mind my mind everybody’s mind in first building hope. Hope is a power believe it or not. And once he said that I want to be a hope builder I want to create hoping other people i want to change the world in a different way. Then the question was if you are a hope builder if you had a hope engineer what are you doing? he says I want a hundreds and thousands and millions of people to have hope. Put that white innovate frame, create a white frame in front of you right eye make a picture that how do you feel. He said that and that one two three four five six. And believe it or not he became unstoppable. And he is chairman. He created a structure, diet what to eat what not to eat which are about to be pressed go us to karma. Change your lifestyle take herbal remedies now the million dollar question is what to take and what not to take.

Manfred: [00:08:45] So my name is Manfred. I’m from Berlin from Germany. And I would like to share my story with you. It’s an amazing story but my whole life experience which I had after I was diagnosed with a very threatening disease which is really a can be very very great impact on your life.

Manfred: [00:09:11] It all started in the beginning I was not aware of anything but I must have had this for a few years already. But it started it came out. When once I was at home and I wanted to climb the staircase. And I went up for two steps. And then I remembered I just must take something from downstairs. I went down again because I wanted to get it get this thing. And normally you step up two steps and you go down to again for sure. But somehow in that moment when I went down I thought it’s only one step to be taken. Imagine what happens if you think that’s only one step. The second step goes into the nothing. And I felt bam straightforward. And I banged my head on the stone floor and I broke my my arm. Got a horrible blue eye because of this. And then the other I also got blue and I went to the hospital to get checked with my arms and they put this plaster around and then I was well I was quite ok. I would say you know no major problem. I mean apart of these blue eyes and my arm and on the same day. I mean I’m a professional trainer. I’m conducting seminars for project managers and my schedule was quite packed. So this was a Sunday and I was supposed to fly on that day to Munich from Berlin. And even with my blue eyes and even with my broken arm I was decided to go there. And I boarded the plane. I held this three day seminar for the people over there and I came back on Wednesday and I had the instruction to get this arm checked by a doctor. But it was difficult for me because after these three days in Munich I had two more days in Berlin and then next week again five days in Munich so and I was supposed to get my check after one week. So on this Thursday which I was in Berlin I rushed to my seminar and Berlin came back home. On the way back home I met the doctor and got everything checked up. It was OK. It is a broken arm. OK. But it’s not a major problem. On next day morning I was rushing again to the next seminar and it was a little bit dark outside because it was early morning. It was in October. And on the way running to the bus stop I somehow didn’t see there was some roots on the way. I was stuck at the root and fell again flat on my face. And I first thought OK. No the bus is going. I must rush to the bus. Then I was putting my hand here and saw all this blood coming out from here. And I saw this blood you shouldn’t go to the seminar at this broken. I’m already in the blue eyes and the blood was coming. So I thought OK let’s go back home and then find some other way to go to the seminar.


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I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 95 but had my first symptoms in 87. I tried Betaseron for about 6 years or so. In 2012 I went to a care facility, life was too difficult at home for my husband and family. I have tried several types of medications. I thought you just have to let it run its course; both my legs were spasming mostly at night which makes sleeping difficult.My multiple sclerosis got significantly worse and unbearable because of my cognitive thinking.. I lost touch with reality. Last year I started on the Multiple Sclerosis natural herbal formula we ordered from GREEN HOUSE HERBAL CLINIC, We spoke to few people who used the treatment here in Canada and they all gave a positive response, my symptoms totally declined over a 7 weeks use of the Green House multiple Sclerosis disease natural herbal formula. I am now almost 73 and doing very well, the disease is totally reversed!

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